COLARIX REG-DGE-002 DVR AHD-H 8 channels


Record with AHD and IP cameras in FullHD 1080p

Working with the Registrar via a cloud service

8 BNC video inputs

connect up to 20 IP cameras

4 RCA audio input

video Outputs HDMI and VGA

Simultaneous recording/playback of an analog signal in 8 channels in the 1080p format

Support SATA HDD up to 6 TB

mobile devices iOS, Android


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DVR AHD-H 8 channels COLARIX REG-DGE-002

Hybrid Video AHD HDVR for recording video with analog, AHD and digital IP-cameras.

How it works

Hybrid DVR combines the advantages of analog and digital video surveillance systems. On the one hand, it allows you to build a simple and inexpensive system, on the other - the system, characterized by distributed, versatile, high-quality images. It is intended for recording, storing and analyzing video images obtained from both the conventional analog cameras and analog cameras and high-resolution digital AHD IP-cameras. Analog & AHD cameras are connected to the DVR, and transmitting it to the video signal via cables (BNC-inputs). IP-camera included in the local network, and then to a digital video recorder connected channels as network devices using camera IP-address. It converts the received signal into image recorder, compresses, and if necessary, writes to a hard disk. Watch the video, you can directly connect the TV or monitor, as well as on a computer, using a network connection


Hybrid type DVR

The method was implemented to record images from analog, AHD and digital IP-based cameras; recording rate of 25 frames / sec. Supports analog modes (DVR), Hybrid (HVR), network (NVR). The DVR mode supports video recording with 8 analog cameras or AHD, in HVR mode - 4 analogue and 4 network camera mode in NVR -up 16 network cameras. When using different types of analog cameras simultaneously, the conventional analog cameras or analog cameras AHD high definition must be connected to the DVR pairs; the use of one pair of standard analog cameras and AHD possible if the camera is set to AHD CVBS compatibility mode with downsampling. The use of hybrid devices make the video system more flexible, it allows you to select the operating mode that best suit the subject. Over time, you may need to make changes to the video surveillance system: to increase its capacity by increasing the number of cameras, enter it in the camera of a new type or class, the hybrid system provides many more options for upgrading than pure analog or pure digital system. The ability to use IP-camera with 1080p resolution to produce the most informative image in areas of particular importance, with high demands on image quality. Simultaneous use of both low cost analog cameras, and expensive, but more efficient IP-based cameras, allows you to save on construction of the system in the event that in the facility, there are areas where there is enough low image detail and on which it makes no sense to install expensive IP-cameras, significantly increase the cost of the system. Hybrid DVR - good solution in cases where the need practicality, flexibility and reasonable economy. Support technology "cloud" allows access to the video surveillance system over the Internet from anywhere in the world using the site cloud service. To work with a registrar, you can not install software, and web-browser is used for connection. No need for additional network hardware setup


Flexible configuration of user rights

Connection protected standard registrar password. IP-address of the device can be both static and dynamic. It supports most of the CMS functions (central monitoring system): view on-line video from all connected cameras work with the archive recorder, video recording onto the hard disk of the computer from which the connection, full customization recorder

video HDMI

logger equipped HDMI-output for transmitting high quality video incompressible resolution up to 2560x1600 pixels via HDMI interface. Resolution of most currently presented on the screen market does not exceed 1920x1080 pixels, use the HDMI-output allows you to display on their video recorder without any loss of quality


Functionality CCTV systems

Run by the built-in operating system LINUX, supports synchronous recording of the analog signal on channel 8 in formate1080r. In the hybrid mode supports synchronous analog signal recording four channels in the 1080 format and the digital signal on channel 4 to 1080p. In network mode supports synchronous recording of 16 channels in 16h1080r format. Synchronized playback 4 recording channels. Modern H.264 compression technology allows you to record to the media files over video than any other. Monitoring real-time (Full-HD Real-Time display ) with a resolution of 1080p. Support for SATA drives with a storage capacity of up to 6 Tb. Easy to use graphical user interface that simplifies the work with the registrar.

To view the video, you can connect the recorder to a conventional TV (BNC-output), computer monitors (VGA-out) or receivers, players, recorders, video card, TV and home theater (HDMI-yield). It implemented a convenient algorithm search for files in the archive by date, time, event type, channel recording. The registrar uses 4 audio inputs for recording sound and for reproducing one audio output, the recorded / recorded sound. The Registrar has an RS485 port and is equipped with 2 ports of the USB 2.0 We do

To access the recorder from mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms, allows you to monitor what is happening at the site through a mobile device, from anywhere in the world, in which there is access to the Internet. NVSIP popular program for video surveillance via mobile devices is available at PlayMarket, iTunes. It is possible to connect to program a large number of DVRs installed at different sites. The number of video recorders connected to NVSIP depends on your device options and is not limited by software. Simultaneous display on the screen of video streams 1 and 4 cells. The ability to record video on a mobile device from any one channel at the current time. Browse videos from the hard drive of the DVR. Ability to control PTZ-cameras of the mobile device. Convenient toggle menu types with cameras. If necessary, you can make a screenshot of what is happening at the facility


The functional central control system (the CMS)

Absolutely free, it comes with the registrar. It allows you to work with the registrar, from anywhere in the world, in which there is access to the Internet. A choice of one of two video streams - the main or additional - for transmission through the network. This allows you to vary the image resolution of the camera to optimize the operation. To lighten the load on the network, you can only play video streams you are interested logger channels. The ability to record video and screenshots to the hard disk of the computer from which the access to the DVR. Ability to work with a file recorder: You can view the records that are on his hard drive; if necessary, upload any record from the hard disc recorder to your hard drive. To archive the video is no need to be near the recording device. CMS allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and color displayed on the computer monitor image from the camera. PTZ-camera control using a computer "mouse". Allows the registrar setting with PC, which greatly simplifies the process. You can adjust and perform all functions that are configured in the DVR menu: compression, recording schedules, the registrar of the operating logic when alarm events, edit accounts, etc. Access to the program is password protected... Double protection access to the DVR through CMS: to connect, you must know the password for access to the CMS and the device itself. The event log is equipped with a convenient search by time, date, event type. Initiates, with some of the connected devices connected each event


functional security system

In addition to the functions of intelligent video that remove the possibility of the alarm system to a new level, the registrar implemented other useful security features: hardware motion detection with the help of CCTV cameras. Camera function as motion detectors. When motion is detected, the camera recorder can start recording video, activate the output, send an e-mail. Field of motion detection, the detection sensitivity is adjusted. This allows you to adjust the recording conditions for the movement of each object individually. The DVR supports the detection chamber is closed. If an attacker to close the camera, the recorder detects this and gives an alarm. DVR supports detection of loss of signal from the connected cameras. If the camera fails, the recorder detects this and gives an alarm. The logic of the registrar in the event of an alarm is configured. It is possible to start recording a video, send an e-mail. Supported recording modes: motion detection, when you close the camera, loss of signal, on schedule, at the user's command, when activated intelligent analysis system


To summarize

Hybrid DVRs - the perfect solution in cases where the need practicality and reasonable economy. This functionality makes it possible to solve serious problems. Firstly, very easily and with minimal cost, you can update the existing surveillance system, adding a number of cameras installed more modern. Secondly, the construction of the new system also will be cheaper, if you equip it not only digital cameras. After all, every object has areas where do not need high image detail and it makes no sense to install expensive digital devices



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The number and type of video inputs: 8 BNC < / td> Number of audio recording channels: 4 the RCA The number and type of audio output: 1, the RCA video recording standards: < td style = "text-the align: center;"> the PAL / the NTSC recording resolution: 1080p 1920x1080, 1280x720 720p, the D1 704x576 Number of recording channels in D cial time 8 Channels and recording resolution in DVR mode 8hAHDH Channels and recording resolution mode The HVR 4xAHDH + 4x1080p Channels and allowing recording in the NVR 16x1080p Number of channels of simultaneous playback 4 a VGA output have the HDMI-output have < td> The number of ports of the USB 2.0 We do 2 < td> the Ethernet 10/100 Mbps the PTZ Control have Support for mobile devices have Technology "cloud" have Support the CMS have media Type the SATA the HDD Number of and the maximum capacity of the disk 6TB interface the RS485 have power supply 12V operating temperature range 0⁰C - + 40⁰C Working humidity 95% Dimensions 350x295x47 mm weight 1.8 kg guarantee 12 months .


  • 1 x DVR SOLARIX REG-DGE-002;
  • 1 x user Manual; < li> 1 x power supply;
  • 1 x mouse;
  • 1 x Loop the Serial ATA;
  • 1 x set of mounting screws, CD with software <. / li>


    Official warranty - 12 months


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COLARIX REG-DGE-002 DVR AHD-H 8 channels
COLARIX REG-DGE-002 DVR AHD-H 8 channels

Record with AHD and IP cameras in FullHD 1080p Working with the Registrar via a cloud service 8 BNC video inputs connect up to 20 IP cameras 4 RCA audio input video Outputs HDMI and VGA Simultaneous recording/playback of an analog signal in 8 channels in the 1080p format Support SATA HDD up to 6 TB mobile devices iOS, Android the

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