COLARIX Simara-007 IP WiFi surveillance camera with burglar alarm


Using IP Surveillance with security alarm SIMARA 007 complete with sensors you can independently organize video surveillance with remote control, access and protection of your object!

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Burglar alarm COLARIX Simara sensors 007 - a system of wireless devices, consisting of a panel, and various sensors .

Contents of delivery:

  • IP camera
  • Power Supply
  • Antenna for wireless sensors
  • Wireless sensors are opening, motion, smoke, and the remote control.
  • Bracket
  • Manual , warranty card
  • Packaging


In addition, you can buy wireless sensors   gas leakage and leakage of water .


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Simara 007

Maximum resolution

1280x720 (HD)

Operating temperature (° C)

From 0 to +50


Microphone, speaker, amplifier output

Night IR illumination

Light sensor, 11 LEDs, 12 meters

Remote PTZ control

Horizontal: 355 °, vertical: 120 °

Motion Detector

there is

Record an archive on a memory card

Up to 32Gb, video recording day

View and manage from your smartphone

IOS 4.3, Android OS 2.3 and higher

A computer

CMS for Windows (up to 64 cameras, HDD recording)






Learned wireless sensors 433 MHz, 9 zones, 8 sensors per zone


Built-in siren, video recording, photo on E-mail






1/4 "CMOS 1 MP HD OV9712, 3.89x2.16mm, AEC, AWB, AGC, ABLC

Signal to noise ratio


Viewing Angle

60 °


0.1 Lux (color mode)



Video Options


Video stream (Bit rate)

128 ~ 4096 kbps


720p (1280x720) 30k / s, VGA (640x480) 30k / s, QVGA (320x240) 30k / s


H.264 codec



Audio Options


Audio Input

1 channel internal microphone - 48 dB

Audio Output

1 channel line output (3.5 mm jack) and internal speaker

Audio compression





Micro SD card up to 32 GB


Sending photos by alarm to e-mail, recording to DVR



Ethernet (LAN)

10Base-T / 100Base-TX, RJ45 connector


WIF I 802.11 b / g / n , WPS



IP Address

Dynamic or static



operating system

Linux OS





Other Features


The weight

600 g.


Camera, manual, warranty card, power supply, bracket, 433MHz antenna, packing


5 ± 0.3V

Power Consumption

3.5 W - 6 W when turning the rotary mechanism and backlight

Temperature (° C)

0 ~ 50

Packing size

220 x 180 x 130 mm (L x W x H)


IP WiFi Surveillance Camera SIMARA 007 attracts buyers of different categories primarily by its versatility, breadth of application and, more importantly, more than an acceptable price. The versatility of the alarm is due to the rotational design of the camera and the compatibility of the software with computers and smartphones on popular platforms. Realized in the device technology Peer-to-peer (P2P networks) , allows the user to gain remote access to the camera simply by entering its ID number and password from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. A distinctive feature of the rotary IP camera included in the kit is the ability to cyclically record images directly to a computer, tablet, phone or to a Micro SD memory card (up to 32 GB), located directly in the camera itself.


  • Easy installation
  • Ease of setup
  • Easy operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Work on Onvif Protocol
  • Fast access from anywhere in the world in real time 24/7
  • Remote control capability
  • Two-way voice communication
  • The ability to connect a large number of different sensors


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Why do I need an IP camera?

  • Protection of the apartment, giving
  • Control of employees (office, warehouse, shop, hairdresser)
  • Control over the remaining children's homes
  • Care for the elderly
  • Monitoring the construction of your home
  • On-line showcase of your store
  • Management of the network of outlets
  • Forgot to turn off the gas or iron?
  • Animal Watching
  • Observing dishonest customers
  • Monitoring the leakage of gas and water


Description of the IP camera COLARIX SIMARA 007

The camera is made of white glossy plastic, with black inserts. This is a very practical and versatile design that allows you to place the camera in any interior, be it an apartment or an office.

The manufacturer was concerned about the safety of the WiFi camera device when transporting it, packing it in a box with foam barriers in it, eliminating the possible risk of damage to the device.

The camera consists of a base fixed to the surface and a rotating part. The base can be fixed both on a table, and on a wall or a ceiling.

The maximum view is achieved by the ability to rotate the lens to 355 degrees in the horizontal direction and up to 120 degrees - in the vertical direction. The PTZ camera system is implemented. PTZ is an abbreviation for panning, tilting and zooming (pan, tilt, zoom), which describes the camera's control capabilities.



The camera is equipped with a 1 Mp sensor, which makes it possible to record video with HD resolution (1280 x 720), which makes it possible to make a clear video in any lighting conditions. Also, the distinguishing feature of this device is its ability to compress the video stream into the H.264 codec, which reduces the load on the Internet channel, so that remote viewing of the image from the camera remains possible even with a weak Internet.

Infrared illumination   Provides 11 LEDs in combination with an ambient light sensor and gives you the opportunity to see a quality image in the dark from a distance of 12 meters.

Also in the video camera of the IP system Simara 007 provides two-way audio communication. To do this, the rotary part of the camera has 2 speakers and a built-in microphone.

The housing is built howler device that turns on when activated sensors associated with the camera.

On the back side there are a number of switching connectors, among which you can see an Ethernet connector, connectors for connecting a WiFi antenna and antennas for connecting wireless sensors, a microSD card slot (for recording), and an audio output and a power supply socket.

Technology P2P saves the nerves and time of the user, freeing from tedious and complex settings, because you just need to enter the identification number of the IP-camera (UID) and password. After that, on your computer or smartphone, remote access to the camera immediately opens. By the way, the turning mechanism of the PTZ camera can be controlled remotely, which drives its rotating part.




1. Remove from packaging

2. Connect an antenna for wireless sensors

3.Set the camera to the desired location.

4. Install the Android software (2cu with PlayMarket) or iOS (2cu from Apple Store), from which all further settings will be made.

Camera installation options:


To connect the device to the Internet, you can use several methods.

1. Scans the camera QR-code generated on the smartphone, which recorded the pre-entered login and password to the WiFi network. It is enough just to bring the phone with the QR code on the screen to the camera and she, after reading the data, connects to the WiFi network.

2. Connect using a network cable

3. Manual setting.

Among the settings are available: time and date, media settings, security, network, alarm, recording. It is also possible to program remote control (key fobs) and 9 protection zones with 8 sensors each.


To bind to the actual recording date and time, you can install them in the menu "Date & Time". In "Options Media" menu, the user can choose the video format is PAL or SECAM, as well as adjust the volume of the integrated camera speakers. The "Inverted Image" option is useful when installing the camera on the ceiling. The surveillance network administrator can provide guest access to the cameras if necessary, without worrying that the necessary settings will be changed.

In the menu "Network Settings" is available to the user the opportunity to select the type of Internet - Ethernet or WiFi. Alarm settings are one of the basic settings. Here it turns on / off: receiving an alarm message sent to the e-mail address you specified with the photo of the room at the time of activation, the motion detector, the siren, and the duration of the siren (1, 2 or 3 minutes). A convenient feature is the ability to select the recording mode on the video SD card - manual, alarm recording for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 minutes and recording according to a specified schedule.

9 zones of protection with 8 sensors are available for adjustment. This allows the user to maximally secure the protected object by connecting additional traffic sensors, smoke detectors, door openings, gas and water leaks through the WiFi to the central station.

Description of sensors

1. Wireless sensor opening door / window Simara D-016 . The sensor is also used as a wireless alarm button.

2. Wireless infrared sensor Simara D-012 can effectively detect the movement of people in the region.

3. The remote key fob for remote on / off signaling Simara D-014 . Also can be used as an alarm button.

4. Wireless water leakage detecting sensor Simara D-011 is designed for monitoring the presence or absence of water or other conductive, no corrosive liquid in basements, baths, when leakage of the roof, for controlling the liquid level, and so on. N. By electrical switching.

5. Fire wireless sensor Simara D-013 is designed to respond to smoke in case of fire. Has a built-in siren.

6. Wireless gas leakage detection sensor Simara D-015 (natural gas, LPG, CO). Has a built-in siren.

What is an IP camera?

IP-camera is a digital video camera with its own IP-address, which allows for video surveillance inside the protected object and, using the Internet, to immediately transfer video in real time to the computer of the user who decided to resort to the help of this device.

In more detail, the IP camera is a kind of computer with a web camera, the task of which is to receive the video signal, compress it, using a special built-in program, and transfer this video signal to the monitor. The huge advantage of such an IP surveillance system is that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection, and the camera control is extremely simple and does not require any specific knowledge and skills.


ONVIF control protocol

The ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) defines protocols for the interaction of transmitting and receiving devices (IP cameras, DVRs, encoders, video management systems and access control systems) in the following aspects:

• IP configuration

• Device discovery

• Manage device profiles

• Media Transfer Settings

• Live view

• Event Handling

• Video analytics

• Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) system control


The ONVIF specification uses the H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, SOAP (XML), RTP / RTSP, and modern Web services described by the WSDL language.

Technology Peer-to-peer (P2P)

In Simara 007 IP cameras, the technology of data transfer using the Internet peer-to-peer (P2P) is applied. At the heart of this technology is the identification of the camera on the remote server by its unique number (UID).


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COLARIX Simara-007 IP WiFi surveillance camera with burglar alarm
COLARIX Simara-007 IP WiFi surveillance camera with burglar alarm

Using IP Surveillance with security alarm SIMARA 007 complete with sensors you can independently organize video surveillance with remote control, access and protection of your object! LOOK advertising video revealing the main advantages of the video surveillance system SIMARA 007. Be aware of all new products from COLARIX subscribe to a YouTube channel.

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